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In alphabetical order, but with "metta" first. Without metta, the others are meaningless.

"Take what you like and leave the rest."

Loving-kindness; friendliness; amity; good will; active interest in others.
Liberating emotions, transcript of a talk by Ajahn Sumedho.
How to put Metta (loving kindness) into practice., audio of a talk by Ajahn Sumedho.
"breath in - breath out - pay attention" — "mindfulness of breathing" — a form of Buddhist meditation originally taught by Gautama Buddha
How to practice breath meditation (anapanasati), nice and simple, at WikiHow.
Equanimity; acceptance.
"All conditioned phenomena are accepted for what they are. That doesn’t mean all things are approved of; they are simply accepted. Let everything be the way it is in the moment."
Ajahn Sumedho
Reclining Buddha in the temple at Wat Kow Tham

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